June 25, 2019

Armenia, Georgia & Azerbaijan

Me and my cousin love to travel. We usually pick non-touristic destinations and places we have not previously been to. This time we booked a 10-day trip to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. In Armenia we visited the capital Yerevan which surprised us with its beautiful parks and sculptures, cozy cafes and friendly people. In addition, there was much to see, ranging from churches and mosques to markets and museums. But best of all was the view of the stunning Ararat Mountain, located next to the city. What a mountain!

Then we went to Tbilis in Georgia, also a nice city with plenty of things to see. From there we took the bus north to Georgia’s mountain areas which are popular for hiking and skiing. In the Kazbegi mountains we stayed at the fantastic Rooms Hotel overlooking the mountain peaks. We walked a four hour hike up and down the mountain where there was a small church on the top.

The last stop on the trip was Baku in Azerbaijan. We took the night train from Tbilisi where we had our own cabin and all turned out very well. We crossed the border to Azerbaijan sometime around midnight, and when we woke up at nine in the morning we had arrived to Baku! The town was reminiscent of north Tehran in the architecture, almost a little French. Everything we saw was very nice and well maintained. The inhabitants speak a language that is almost identical to Turkish so I could understand a lot of what they said. In Baku, we took a walk on the beach walk along the water, took a gondola cabin lift up to the iconic Flame Towers, visited the Fountains Square and the old town, and had a drink at the Hilton hotels rotating bar. A good ending to a successful journey!